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In the telecommunications sector

Le 16 janvier 2018, 05:06 dans Humeurs 0

  What began in a flat in Paddington two decades ago as Cobra Group UK, a small company, is now grown into a real big direct marketing phenomenon, spread all across the country and represented in many industrial sectors. Cobra UK, with the backing of the best of sales and marketing professionals and the most innovative of marketing strategies, has proved that direct marketing is indeed an area of utmost potential. The company began by acquiring the support of the people of UK and grew and continues to grow with its growing customer and client base.

  It's the best of marketing techniques that's used by the company to promote its clients and their products or services. All the different modes of marketing including B2B marketing, door-to-door marketing and event marketing, have been done and the best of results registered in all the marketing campaigns run by the many independently contracted associate companies functioning under the Cobra umbrella. Charity, Pay TV, Energy, Insurance and Telecommunications are the areas in which the company has been rendering its services to clients and customers in UK.

  While in the charity sector, the emphasis has been on educating potential donors on the need and importance of making donations and ensuring donor acquisition for charity organisations and non-profit organisations, in the Pay TV sector, it has been an endeavour to bridge the digital divide. The company has been doing all that is possible to boost the digital revolution that has overtaken the entertainment industry.

  The energy sector has borne witness to the company making the most of the deregulation of the utilities sector. Many leading energy firms have been part of the company's clientle and they have all been happy to get the best of customer acquisition happening for them.

  The insurance sector has undergone tremendous changes after the company made its entry into the sector. Many leading insurance firms have been able to forge fruitful, garden umbrella suppliers long-term relations with their customers and the company has been bringing in for its clients 4,000 new customers each week in the UK alone.

  In the telecommunications sector, the company has been making the most of telephony deregulation and has been bringing in hundreds of thousands of new customers per year for client companies.

  In short Cobra Group has been bringing about a real big revolution in the direct marketing sector in the UK.

It is for all the above mentioned reasons

Le 28 décembre 2017, 03:39 dans Humeurs 0

  There can be absolutely no denying the fact that one of the most useful items for any household in today’s times is that of a garden umbrella. Its utility can be gauged from the fact that whether it is a family gathering or garden party or a kitty party or even a birthday party for that matter all such events loose their charm if they lack garden umbrella. Particularly when parties are held in day and in the backyard of the house then one just cannot think of a party without garden umbrella.




  The value of garden umbrella can be gauged from the fact that today there have emerged a number of outlets that claim to provide top quality garden garden umbrella manufacturers umbrellas. However, what must be noted here is the fact that despite the presence of a number of outlets that provide garden umbrella one name that has really made a mark for itself is Wintek Awnings and Blinds. Based in Delhi they have really carved a niche for themselves as far as providing top quality garden umbrellas.




  Now the question that arises is that what is it that has made garden umbrellas of Awnings and Blinds so well liked by people. Well, answer to this is plane and simple. It’s the qualitative aspect of their product which has made Awnings and Blinds so popular. The umbrellas of Awnings and blinds are pretty strong and do not break easily. Then again they can easily be folded which makes it extremely convenient to carry from one place to another. Then again despite being exposed to sun what is astonishing about these umbrellas is the fact that they rarely loose their color. They also maintain their sheen despite being exposed to the harshness of nature.


  What further separates their products from others in the market is the fact that despite being superior to their rivals in every sense the price that they levy on their products is extremely reasonable and far less than others.



  It is for all the above mentioned reasons that Awnings and Blinds have emerged as the most respected name in the field of garden umbrella and judging by the response of the masses it can easily be said that coming days would be even better for them.

Another advantage of a limited company

Le 9 décembre 2017, 08:12 dans Humeurs 0

  If the business of a sole trader or partnership fails he risks losing all his personal possessions as well as his home to pay off the business debts. You complete timesheets and hand them in to your chosen umbrella company who will then work out how much pay you are entitled to from the agency.


  IR35 legislation was introduced to ensure that a person who should be treated as an employee can’t set himself up as a limited company to receive these benefits.

  You have to select your umbrella company very carefully as a great deal of trust between you is required.

  Since the introduction of the IR35 legislation umbrella companies have become increasingly popular especially with contractors.

  . Another advantage of a limited company is the security issue. There are many financial advantages to setting up a limited company with numerous tax benefits amongst them. Tax and National Insurance will be deducted just as if you were in the PAYE system but certain expenses can be allowed such as mileage rates, hotel and accommodation expenses.


  One of the choices you are faced with when starting a business is whether to be a sole trader or form a partnership, or set up a limited company. Some umbrella companies will charge you a fee if you leave their services before a set minimum term. Here at Churchill Knight and Associates we can increase your take home pay significantly with no minimum contract term or fees saving you time and money. The personal assets of a director or shareholder are not at risk if a limited company fails as the debts can only be paid from the company assets. There are certain factors that can be used to determine whether someone is classed as self employed or an employee and if at all unsure the advice of a specialist company should be sought

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